Below are some inspiring videos to help you celebrate Co-op Month! Featured here is the upcoming PBS documentary on co-ops that will air just in time for Co-op Month. Fill out the form below to receive your complementary Screening Kit to host your own screening in October.  Scroll down for more great videos.


Broadcasting on local PBS stations throughout 2017, the Visionaries Series is highlighting the breadth of co-op stories both here in the U.S. and around the world. This 1 hour documentary follows the work of the National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA), celebrating 100 years of cooperatives that build a better world, through 7 co-op stories featuring members in Seattle, Western Massachusetts, Mississippi and international projects in Mozambique and East Timor. 

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If you would like to hold a screening -fill out the form below and we will be send you the film with a digital screening kit. During Coop Month, join cooperatives around the world and host a screening:

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Anticipated Date of Screening (join co-ops across the nation in screening the first week of October!)
Anticipated Date of Screening (join co-ops across the nation in screening the first week of October!)


What if we all cooperated a little bit more? What if the cooperative business model was better understood? Are you ready to help build a better world? Visit for more information.
Cooperatives work together for the good of all members. Their values and beliefs are very different from big corporations. This video is only the beginning. Who are we? We Are Cooperatives
Co-ops are everywhere! They provide nearly every good and service imaginable, and they are a great choice for buying local and keeping jobs in the community. See to find a cooperative in Minnesota or Wisconsin. What exactly is a co-op?
The New Pioneers animation was commissioned for the Rochdale Pioneers Museum and Co-operative Heritage Trust as part of the Co-operative outreach work ongoing in the North West. Huckleberry Films have created an animated journey through the history of 'The Rochdale Pioneers', one of the greatest stories of our time.
This great video features a fast-action hand-drawn guide to the history, structure, and purpose of rural electric cooperatives. It was created by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (